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Reasons to Service Your Kia at a Dealership | Daytona Beach, FL

When your Kia is due for service, you have a lot of places in Daytona Beach, Florida, where you can take your car. However, all of these options are not created equal. For the best service, be sure to bring your Kia to a dealership like Daytona Kia.

Specialized knowledge

At Daytona Kia, our experienced technicians have been trained to service Kia SUVs and cars specifically. Whether you need general maintenance, repairs, or other assistance, the technicians have the expertise to get your car back on the road quickly. Mechanics at independent shops may have experience working on a variety of models, but because they don’t have specialized knowledge of Kia vehicles, they may not be able to diagnose and resolve issues as well as dealership technicians.

Kia parts and tools

Kia dealerships only use genuine Kia parts when working on your car. Since these parts are specifically designed for Kia models, you can expect them to fit perfectly and have the same level of quality as your car’s original parts. Corner shops may use aftermarket parts instead, which can be cheaper in price but cheaper in quality, too. In addition, Kia dealerships have the latest tools and equipment to work on your car, while corner shops may not — causing services to take longer.

Warranty coverage

If your Kia is under warranty, you’ll definitely want to take it to a dealership. While you won’t void your warranty if you go to an independent shop, you can expect dealership technicians to have a better understanding of what is under warranty. A dealership can even offer you manufacturer-backed extended warranties, which are typically more worthwhile than any warranties a small shop may offer.
Is your Kia ready for an oil change, tire rotation, or other service? Be sure to schedule an appointment at Daytona Kia to ensure the best service experience possible.


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